Feminine Hygiene

Think Africa with Ever Ava

Think Africa has partnered with Ever Ava to bring feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons to women in Africa. For some reason, African nations are underserved with these products. Not only can many women not afford it but for those who can, they are very difficult to find in stores.

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Web Development

This project is one that can elevate someones life in an amazing way. By learning to code many people are able to find a great job and support themselves very well financially. Africa is really starting to come online with the popularity of smartphones and those who understand technology and are able to program will be poised to get gainful employment, grow their skills and even start businesses.

Support Local African Photographers

Meet Samuel. His story is like many African's. His hometown of Huambo, Angola was the central war zone of the 30 year Angolan civil war. Although the war is now over, Huambo has struggled to rebuild itself. Among the war and other things, Samuel has also lost many family members due to illness. Including his twin brother.

Through all of this Samuel is reinventing himself. He knows and understand the value of self education. He saved up money to buy a camera, and then we went to work. Now he is one of our great photographers here at Think Africa, and his story is quite an inspiration.